The success of an event lies in the details. The visible is important, however everything that is not noticed, but if perceived, is what makes a good event in an excellent and unforgettable event.

In Mexitours we understand your needs and create the environment in the place, with the details and the appropriate atmosphere, providing the best infrastructure from your arrival to your departure with the best hotels and services.

The message is the most important and that is why we work hand in hand with your team to create meetings that impact the way you run your business.





  • Planning and budgeting
  • Destination destination selection
  • Tours and specialized visits.
  • Design and image of the event
  • Programming of Activities and Development of Programs
  • Contracting of Hotels, Estates, and Convention Centers
  • Banquets in Restaurants, Lounges and Gardens
  • Coffee Break and Food Services
  • Contracting of transportation services
  • Coordination and Logistics
  • Special events