Oaxaca, Zaachila and Culiapan

Thursday is market day in Zaachila with its huge animal market, it is essentially unchanged since Zaachila was the capital of the Zapotec empire in pre-Hispanic times at Oaxaca. So, this tour is always planed for a Thursday. After visiting the indigenous present and past we visit the colonial past in nearby Cuilapan de Guerrero with its open-air chapel and its silent walls. This 16th century Dominican monastery could have been the largest complex of its kind in the New World if it had ever been finished. Also we will see Arrazola. Famous by “Alebrijes”. The Alebrijes   are richly coloured figures   of imaginary animals worked  in wood  from the nopalillo tree. Each piece is highly original and imaginative and usually carries the signature of its creator because it is unique and unrepeatable 

Operation 4

Duration: 5 hrs

Schedule: 10:00 hrs