You will know the traditional night of the day of the dead in Michoacán in which you will begin visiting Santa Fe de la Laguna, a Purépecha town, known for keeping its traditions in the purest form, respectfully sharing with them the "Dead of the year" festival where the deceased person is commemorated in the year. We will visit a home to witness the tradition of the Day of the Dead, regarding the altars and the union of the community. We will continue our tour starting at the town of Arocutín where we will visit the cementery, the only one that we can still find inside the atrium of the church, you will observe a monumental altar that welcomes the souls of the dead and the visitors. You will leave for the Ucasanástacua wharf where we will board a boat to the island of Pacanda, to walk to the cementery, this cementery still keeps its traditions of wakefulness to its souls. With the sound of the bells at midnight, the transfer of the offerings of the houses to the cemetery for the dead begins.