Volcan Paricutín, Maravilla Natural de Michoacán

You will visit the Paricutín volcano, emblematic symbol of Michoacán, first you go to the Angahuan viewpoint giving time to take pictures and admire the landscape that the Michoacan lands give us, later you will know the ruins of San Juan Parangaricutiro, it is there where we will find a history buried in lava since the town was covered by Paricutín lava when it erupted in 1943 and the only thing that is currently in sight is the San Juan Parangaricutiro church, being the Paricutín the youngest volcano in Mexico and the only one that man has seen birth, is a natural wonder, if you wish, you can do the journey on horseback (cost not included).

At the end you continue to Angahuan, Michoacán where have free time to consume and fall in love with the food of the place (not included in the price), this is a purely Purépecha town where you will be able to appreciate the typical michoacán architecture called trojes (made in wood without using glues or nails) and his Huatápera or hospital of Indians with his peculiar style mudejar-tequitqui.

Includes: Certified tourist guide, round trip transportation from hotel and traveler insurance

Exlusions: Food, beverages or unspecified expenses like horses.

Duration: 10 hrs.

Schedule: 09:00 hrs pick up starts at 08:30

Operation: 5,6,7

Minimum: 03 passengers