Mazatlan. Baluarte Bicentennial Bridge

MAZATLÁN. A great tour recommended through picturesque mountains and countryside. We will visit the Baluarte Bridge, the tallest cable-stayed bridge in the world, the third highest bridge in general and the highest bridge in the American continent, officers of Guinness World Records. Take the best photos of the majestic Western Sierra Madre. Also enjoy passing through the second longest and most intelligent tunnel in Mexico called "El Sinaloense". The tour also includes a visit to the town of Mesillas, a small town with several handmade furniture factories. Mesillas furniture is internationally recognized for the quality of the wood used in its manufacture and its fine finish

Includes: Lunch and drinks.

Minimum 08 passengers

Operation: 2,3,4,5,6

Duration: 6 hrs

Schedule: 09:30 hrs