El Pinacate Camp and Great Altar Desert 2 days, from Hermosillo

DAY 1. We leave Hermosillo towards Pinacate, a 5-hour journey, we stop in Caborca ​​to supply the camp, depending on what you decide to have for dinner, you can buy cold lunch or meat to grill. After noon, a stop is made in the border town of Sonoyta to use the restrooms and eat something (depending on the weather) before entering the reserve. In the afternoon we visit the volcanic area of ​​El Pinacate, one of the most impressive natural formations in the world in the most beautiful desert. The great biosphere reserve of "El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar" is a unique ecosystem on a planetary level. In its impressive landscapes there are more than 10 large craters and 400 lava outlets. Violent explosions and rivers of lava left their trail in the impressive volcanic shield in the middle of the Sonoran desert and next to the dunes of the Great Altar Desert. The visit to the Pinacate lasts about 3 hours, on a dirt road. Several stops are made to observe different natural formations, among which the impressive crater "El Elegant" stands out with its more than 5 kilometers in circumference and the Cerro Colorado crater of a very particular beauty due to its shape and color. Access to the biosphere reserve is only possible with tall vehicles and trucks, in both viewpoints there are spectacular views of the reserve. At the end of the afternoon we prepare the camp (or in its case, we leave the reserve to stay in Sonoyta or Puerto Peñasco).

DAY 2. Departure 6 a.m. Lifting the camp and departure to the Gran Desierto de Altar, it is only 15 minutes from Puerto Peñasco. This Desert is the largest dune system in North America, some of the dunes reach up to 200 meters high. In order to appreciate these impressive landscapes, we walked almost 5 kilometers. The large sand formations, the volcanic shield in the distance and the Sierra Blanca on the horizon, accompany us on this journey that lasts a couple of hours. (It is recommended that if someone does not have the sufficient condition to do this walk, wait for us at the Visitor Center where there are short trails) after the walk, we have time to visit the Schuk Toak museum that has valuable information to understand the importance of having this natural heritage in Sonoran territory, it is also the largest self-sustaining public building in Mexico. After this visit we make a brief stop in Puerto Peñasco and then return to Hermosillo. There is also the option of concluding the trip in Puerto Peñasco or, spending the night there and the next day take the mission route tour as an extension.

OPTIONAL: Mission Route Tour
Breakfast 8 a.m. Departure from Puerto Peñasco to Caborca to make a stop at the archaeological zone La Proveedora, which is one of the most important and least known archaeological zones in Mexico, on the slopes of the hills near Caborca the ancient desert settlers captured an endless of signs engraved in stone, more than 6,000 petroglyphs whose meaning is still a mystery but which represent an unequaled heritage in our country. It is an archaeological zone guarded by the Caborca community.

After this visit we will stop at the missions of Caborca, Oqui toa and Tubutama, a fascinating journey where the legend of Father Kino and the architectural and cultural legacy of the peoples of the Sonoran desert are combined, as well as the beautiful landscape full of giant cactus. The last stop is the magical town of Magdalena de Kino, where the remains of one of the most important evangelizers in history, Father Kino, are found. This Jesuit was the only one capable of establishing permanent towns in the Sonoran desert. At night we return to Hermosillo.

Note: Wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen, hat or cap. / Pinacate: Black beetle, large and with an unpleasant smell that grows in damp places, due to its presence that is why it is named Biosphere Reserve.

Includes: Guide driver in a tall van for a maximum of 6 passengers, tents.

Exclusions: food, access costs and attractions, hotel accommodation, tips, nothing previously unspecified.

To add 1 more day to visit the route of the missions, the client must reserve a night of lodging in Puerto Peñasco or Caborca.

Operation: 3,4,5,6

Duration: 2 Days

Schedule: 07:00 hours