Puente de Dios and Tamasopo Waterfalls - Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi

We will know about the natural wonders that San Luis Potosí offers us, starting from “Ciudad Valles” to visit the “Puente de Dios” which is a cavern type formed by natural rock in which the sun's rays enter through a crack creating an artificial lighting effect in the water, in the Bridge of God you will be able to observe the turquoise blue of the water, the stalactites and stalagmites in the walls, that make this excursion an unforgettable experience that the Huasteca of San Luis Potosí has.

After the “Puente de Dios” we will go to the waterfalls of Tamasopo * place of exuberant vegetation that give way to a true Eden in San Luis Potosí. Listen to the sound of the water falling from the beautiful waterfalls of Tamasopo which are 20 meters high and observe how the uniform water mantle is dividing and sliding down the rocks becomes a spectacle that will delight your pupil. After enjoying the waterfalls of Tamasopo, we will return to Ciudad Valles.


  • Wear comfortable clothes, shorts or light pants for activities (not denim), hat or cap, sunscreen (biodegradable), ecological mosquito repellent, small backpack, small towel, dry change of clothes, non-cotton t-shirt (lycra) .
  • In the rainy season (July to October) if the river is grown the swimming access is not allowed, you have the option of changing your route to another one that is marked.
  • Tamasopo: means in Tenek language "falling water".

Includes: Land transportation, 1 meal, 1 Snack, entrance to the parks, equipment necessary for the excursion, ecotourism guides, traveler insurance, entrance to the parks.

Does not include: No tip, nothing previously unspecified.

Operation: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (check availability and season)

Minimum: 2 passengers

Duration: Approx. 8 hours with 30 minutes

Schedule: 9:00 hours