Teotihuacan Urban Flavors from Mexico City

Experience dedicated to honoring urban cuisine; tacos, tortas, gorditas and more, because the base of Mexican food is on the street. In addition, they will have the opportunity to taste one of the typical drinks of the "El Pulque" Region and learn about its process, visit an obsidian craft workshop, as well as a factory of products made from Tuna, Nopal and Xoconostle main flora. of the Teotihuacan Valley.  

Inclusions: Transportation CDMX Hotel - Teotihuacán - CDMX Hotel, Walk through the Teotihuacán valley, Bike rental, Helmet, Vest, Souvenirs

Exclusions: Nothing previously unspecified

Operation: 6,7

Schedule: 08:00 - 15:00 hrs.

Approx Duration: 7 hrs.  

Minimum: 2 Pax 

Not operating days: March 21st, December 11th, 12th

NOTE: Indispensable previous reservation