Freixenet Cavas Wine Tour From Mexico City

Departure from Mexico city to an interesting and unusual Cavas Freixenet.

The tour starts with a video where you can meet some of the history of Freixenet, then walk through the plant where you will meet the entire process, from how extracts the liquid after harvest to the final process of bottling and labeling. Each tour includes a special visit to the cellars that are 25 feet deep, where the temperature changes are minimal to favor the aging of wines.

Our tour continues to newly appointed Tepozotlan-Magic Town ‖by Mexican authorities because of its charming and unique history. We visited the Jesuit monastery which houses the world famous Colonial Religious Art Museum, and a delicious Mexican baroque art in the Temple of San Francisco Javier.


  • *Transfer Hotel - Cavas - hotel. Apply additional charges for hotels outside the area.
  • *Admission 


  • *Lunch, Tips and Drinks.

Duration: 11 hrs.

Minimum 2 pax

Operation: 6