Mexico City, Historic and Colonial San Miguel de Allende, World Heritage

Departure from Mexico city to San Miguel de Allende, during the 4 travel hours, it will be able to admire the Mexico landscapes up to arrive to San Miguel de Allende, city which still retains colonial features and that is consider one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. It will be discovered this peaceful city where the great comedian "Cantinflas" lived and also some artists residences. Highlights include the San Miguel Arcangel parish, Holy House chapel, the San Francisco church, this temple has a facade of different architectural styles, and the Allende House and Institute, where it will be known more about the Mexico history . This city has a wide variety of cafes and restaurants to taste its cuisine. Return to Mexico City.

Operation 1,3,5

Duration Aprox. 14 hrs   

Minimum 02 pax