Campeche - Los Chenes

We will visit one of the most important regions of pre-Hispanic Campeche, leaving from the city of Campeche we will depart to the region of the Chenes through a tour of the region of the wells where one of the most beautiful architectural styles of the Maya area, the region of the Chenes is represented in places such as Hochob, Tabasqueño, Dzibilnonac. In the same region of the Chenes, the grottos of Xtacumbilxuna'an are located in which visitors visit with light and sound. (Grottos only from Tuesday to Sunday). Later we will return to the city of Campeche.

Includes: transportation, guide, typical food, entrances, waters.

Does not include: anything previously unspecified, tips.

Minimum 02 passengers

Operation: 2,3,4,5,6,7 * with Grottos

Duration: 9 hrs

Schedule: 07:00 hours