Campeche - Edzná - Haciendas

Departure from Campeche, you will first visit the archaeological zone of Edzna. In this route you will enjoy a journey through the history of Campeche, its beautiful haciendas, ancient buildings witnessing the economic boom in the region during the nineteenth century, today some remain only as witnesses of a time of glory and others like Hacienda Uayamon revive as first class hotels. We will visit hacienda San José Carpizo, that is still habited, mixing the hacienda era in its architecture, with the way of life of modern communities, then you will visit ex-hacienda San Luis Carpizo, completely restored and under custody of the secretary of the armed navy of Mexico, it works as a marine infantry training center, you will visit its streets, squares as well as the facilities of the Navy, always accompanied by elements of the Navy, who will make a review of the hacienda and how is their training, know the objects exhibited in the museum of the place: pieces from the pre-Hispanic, colonial, nineteenth century, as well as the genealogy of the Carpizo family and recognitions to the navy. Later we move to Champoton, where we can taste typical food of the sea or of the region. After lunch, we will continue on our way to the largest and most modern Hacienda Henequenera, the Hacienda Uayamon.

Includes: Transportation, guide, water, lunch.

Not Included: nothing previously not specified.

Note: Consult more information.

Minimum 02 Pax

Operates 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Duration: 9 hrs

Schedule: 08:00 hrs