Teotitlan, El Tule, Mitla, Hierve el agua & mezcal

This tour is offered for those who want to know about the creation of woolen rugs using the techniques introduced by the Dominicans during the 17th century.

In Teotitlán del Valle artists of the loom have copied works by great artists, including Picasso, Escher, Matisse, Miró, Rivera among others. After we eat (lunch not included) we’ll continue our adventure with the beauty of nature like it is Hierve el Agua as the sounds that they are thermals waters they are not, they look like that because they are high in minerals. The zapotecs believed that it was a holly place.  We visit the factory of Mezcal where you will see the process to get this taste Indian drinks and also you shall try the different kind of creams of mescal that are made in the Ville.

Operation: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7     Duration: 9 hrs.